We connect innovation-hungry senior executives to really clever niche firms.

The centre of gravity has shifted. Really clever business solutions are now being

delivered by nimble, niche firms. These agile game-changers are the artists in

innovation. The snag is, they’re often invisible… too small and specialised to

blip the radar of global companies. So we have made it our business to search out

the most inspiring firms and introduce them to innovation-hungry senior executives.

We are Clustre – the innovation brokers.

Why Clustre?
  • Because following bandwagons never delivers breakthrough business solutions
  • Because the really innovative thinking now comes from agile niche firms
  • Because small firms rarely ‘blip’ the radar of really big companies
  • Because all of our firms have outstanding records of delivery
  • Because we never charge clients for any introduction
  • Because we champion disruptive technology
  • Because we are The Innovation Brokers
Innovation Seekers

We are passionate champions of innovation.

We connect major companies to really inspired innovators.

And we never charge for this introduction service.

Innovative Suppliers

We search for niche innovation firms with

an impeccable record of delivery.

We then open doors at senior levels in major

companies. We are paid largely on results.

When you win; we win.

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Running a niche innovation firm can be a very lonely business. That is why Clustre
not only opens doors that are closed to most small companies, it also provides
the mutual support of a ready-made, like-minded community.

Clustre has already hosted a ‘speed-dating’ event that brought together all of
these innovation firms. With just a few minutes for each niche company to describe
its individual services, this ‘show and tell’ certainly focused minds. But it also
concentrated attention on the possibility for exciting collaborations and working
partnerships. As a result, a number of very valuable client introductions have
now been made and many profitable partnerships have been fostered.

With regular newsletters and other networking events in the pipeline, Clustre is
a vibrant and mutually supportive community. Evidence, if ever you needed it,
that running a niche innovation firm doesn’t have to be a lonely business.

About us
We connect innovation-hungry senior executives to really clever niche firms.
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