A panel of business leaders analyse the cancer of complexity… and the cures.

On Wednesday 11th October, a panel of subject experts will analyse the paralysing impact of complexity. Why hasn’t technology – the ‘great emancipator’ – removed complexity? How did systemic bureaucracy get such a stranglehold on global businesses? What can we do to treat the problem? Where is the cure?

Four leading authorities, with deep, practical experience of removing business complexity, will look at the issue from every angle. From the critical customer perspective to the often suffocating fallout on staff. We can promise a free-ranging discussion laced with insights and inspiring case studies…:

  • Is BMW colour blind? Discover why an obsessive drive to create cars that can change colour has slammed the brakes on vital EV development.
  • Is Ford facing systemic meltdown? Find out why Ford is mired in legacy complexity and struggling to compete with Tesla’s single-system simplicity.
  • Are hard-wired processes killing creative thinking? Learn how a world-leading violinist found the ‘wild-card’ solution to Pringle’s greasy, global problem.
  • Is senior management dangerously swollen with complexity? See why C’ level executives create silo cultures that stifle knowledge sharing and innovation.
  • Will AI and chatbots ever make people’s lives easier? Understand why we are so frequently short-changed by ‘game-changing’ technologies.

If you are wrestling with complexity and looking for inspired answers, join us for a true masterclass:  

   ‘Complexity kills business’

Wednesday 11th October

9am to 10am GMT

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