Start small. Think big. Win fast.

How an insurance company broke the rules to deliver faster, better,

lower-cost product development

Join us on an innovation journey that has saved one company £millions in failed product development. Share a private breakfast table with ten other senior executives for a unique insight from the Marketing Director and innovation leader of a key player in the insurance market.

Ellie Mickleburgh is the guest-speaker at our October ‘Breakfast Briefing’. Under ‘Chatham House’ rules, she has agreed to reveal a pioneering approach for infallible product testing, rapid prototype development and massive cost-reduction – cutting conventional 7-figure budgets down to five or even four figures. Here’s a taster of what’s to come…

“Ageas dominates a massive slice of the UK’s home and motor insurance business. It was – and is – hugely successful. But, four years ago, it also had a huge problem. Its process for monitoring consumer trends, spotting opportunities and rapidly evolving products and services wasn’t fit for purpose. It was cumbersome, costly and frequently inconclusive. We needed a quick and dirty, fail-fast and learn-even-faster formula for successful innovation… that became my mission.”

Ellie took her lead from the world of start-ups. Low on cost but high on improvisation, start-ups are masters of lean experimentation. Within weeks her team had designed a programme of ‘fake door’ and email marketing tests to evaluate customer traction and engagement with new concepts. Customer-facing trials and pilots then put critical assumptions – such as product desirability, feasibility and viability – to the acid test.

“For the first time, we could design at pace. Traditional focus groups often reveal what people think you want to hear; not what you need to know. Instead, we built working websites in days – for just a few hundred pounds – to see exactly how people react and interact with real products. We exchanged cost-chewing perfection for real-life perception.”

Of course, there were detractors. Ellie admits that some senior managers struggled with this radical approach. In a series of swift, small-scale projects, though, she was able to prove the value of this new thinking. And, by making her team an integral part of the mainstream marketing department, she also won passionate new champions. Innovation ceased to be an ivory-towered exercise and suddenly become everyone’s responsibility. ‘Start small… Think big… Win fast’ is no longer a marketing mantra, it’s a company-wide, cultural mission.

Join us on a remarkable innovation journey. If you are responsible for changing mindsets and liberating ideas, book your free seat at this Breakfast Briefing. We can promise senior-level innovators a deliciously inspiring breakfast.

The date: Monday 31st October

The Time: 8.00 am GMT prompt start. 10.00 am hard finish

The Venue: The Delaunay Private Dining Room, 55 Aldwych, London WC2

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