How, why, where and when to deploy AI for maximum impact.

Where do you start with AI? How do you prioritise projects to optimise impact? And who do you trust to deliver and drive value from AI? 

These are serious, cross-industry, business-critical questions. And to find the answers we flew a thought-leading AI practitioner from Geneva to be the guest speaker at our recent senior executive Breakfast Briefing.

Stephane Cheikh graduated from Harvard and went on to study real-world AI applications with MIT. In 2017, he was appointed to head-up the Artificial Intelligence programme at SITA – the global provider of airport and aircraft operations… passenger processing… baggage management… business intelligence… cyber security as well as IT and data services to 90% of the world’s airlines.

Stephane shared his fascinating journey at our breakfast briefing. He explained how he broke down global barriers to access, share and monetise siloed data. He described how he uses NLP, machine learning and computer vision to obviate the misery of lost luggage and to improve the speed and efficiency of stand allocations for aircraft. He also shared his ambitious plans to:

  • Analyse customer sentiments in social media and personalise the entire UX
  • Track assets and manage complex, time-critical logistical challenges
  • Balance passenger flows and congestion pressure points against security priorities
  • Predict disruptions and possible outcomes before they impact.

To read the full report of those insights and the animated discussion they inspired please click the button below.

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