Speed is the new imperative. You must get new ideas to market faster to avoid a competitor stealing a march. And, once there, you must quickly build on your success to stay ahead…

Agile Development

Agile methods are now well proven and are being used to deliver mission critical systems in months rather than years. We represent probably the most experienced and successful agile practitioners in Europe.

Agile Platforms

Underpinning these agile developments are new technical platforms and message-based architectures. We represent firms whose innovative products and services help to build and run highly reactive, reliable and robust systems.

Mobile App Development

Mobile devices and Apps are the world’s preferred way to access services – indeed, all websites are now designed to be ‘mobile first’. We represent a multi-award winning UK developer that uses agile methods to build intuitive and very rich mobile apps. Products that empower customers, delight users and earn significant profits for companies.

Cloud Brokering

How do you prevent temporary outages or, worse still, total failures in your Cloud services? We represent a firm that uses real-time performance data – obtained through billions of daily measurements on end-user performance across the globe – to dynamically move workloads between Cloud providers. Automatic, real-time switching between Cloud providers and CDNs to optimise performance, availability and cost… now that is always-connected, peace-of-mind.
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