Arguably the most over-hyped concept in the history of technology. But sweep away all the exaggeration and data analytics offer you a real-time opportunity to target customers with precisely relevant offers…

Unstructured and Structured Data

Many of the firms we represent have innovative capabilities in the big data arena. These include one whose product can read and understand unstructured data in any language and another (born out of the international intelligence industry) that can mine the worldwide web for advance, real-time intelligence of potential business risks and opportunities.

Video Capture and Dissemination

Several of our member firms have innovative products which use video to enhance employee and customer experiences. One of these firms turns enterprise-wide video communication into a cost-effective, reliable and secure reality. From simple, desktop video presentations to live, global webcasts, their unique platform delivers a high-quality product for internal and external audiences.


We also represent niche companies that help organisations to analyse business data, visualise it beautifully and use it in new ways. These innovations include big data analytics; fast data processing; and there is one firm that specialises in surfacing and visualising organisational data… revolutionising the way companies plan and manage their organisations.

Social Intelligence

Social media provide a data set we could previously only dream about. Accessing, processing, analysing and interpreting this never ending stream of information can provide valuable insights and actionable intelligence. For example, one of our member firms uses social media intelligence to surface customer frustrations in order to turbocharge product innovation.
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