Perhaps the most compelling of all the forces driving innovation are the changes in customer and employee attitudes and behaviours. For many companies, delivering engaging experiences for customers and employees is now top of the innovation agenda.


Within our community, we have several firms whose innovative products and services will help to deliver compelling insights from customers and employees alike.

Voice of the Customer (VoTC) & Voice of the Employee (VoTE)

We represent a firm that has developed customer recommendation and employee advocacy into a science. Their award-winning thinking has saved and earned clients millions of pounds by delivering a unique word-of-mouth advantage. This highly effective philosophy puts customers and employees at the heart of successful marketing.Another firm has harnessed the potential of the video-selfie for the precise analysis of consumer and employee attitudes. The audio-video capture of real-life, real-time sentiment reveals consumer and stakeholder insights that you might never identify through conventional polls, surveys and focus groups.

Sales Intelligence and Performance

Another of our firms, widely used in the corporate banking sector, provides a highly effective sales intelligence service which integrates seamlessly with CRM systems.

Social Collaboration

We also represent a company whose revolutionary product drives social collaboration amongst employees. This increased knowledge sharing delivers significant savings in the time and effort required to answer customer and employee queries.


And finally one of our innovation teams has developed a revolutionary approach to the gamification of CRM systems. Major global brands – including the world’s most successful sales organisation – have seen gamification deliver a marked increase in employee engagement and dramatic improvements in sales performance.
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