Corporate antibodies constantly attack innovation… how do you fight them?

Funding arteries blocked. Systems over-stressed. Talent haemorrhaging. Many corporates and large organisations need radical surgery. It’s time for an innovation transplant.

To launch our first Breakfast Briefing of 2022, our guest speaker is Lucy Gilbert – the innovation lead for a major health trust. As the NHS faces its most challenging winter on record, life-saving innovation has never been more critical. What Lucy has to say about new thinking reaches far beyond the pressure points of healthcare and has huge relevance for all senior executives in every sector.
She will talk openly and honestly about:

• The struggles – and successes – of building an innovation culture in such a vital ‘national treasure’.
• The importance of capturing ideas and the challenge of pushing them through a pipeline constrained by over-stretched funds and unbending systems.
• The imperative to meet Net Zero. The NHS has set the most ambitious (considered by some to be ‘impossibly ambitious’) sustainability targets. How can innovation help to deliver such aggressive goals?

Lucy’s commitment to innovation shines through in some truly breakthrough moments:

“Clinicians often come to us with a truly great idea. They are passionate to see it run. But all too often, it becomes mired in process issues that kill enthusiasm and cripple innovation. And this happens everywhere – not just in the NHS. But for us, no-code mobile apps have been a massive gamechanger. We can sit down with our practitioners and, within a few hours, create a working prototype. They can then take this to their group manager and physically demonstrate the value. That’s when ideas really take off.”

If you are responsible for innovation or just a passionately interested senior executive, you are welcome to attend this exclusive event. There are only ten free places available at this Breakfast Briefing, so please reserve yours today. Join us for a proper breakfast, around a real table in a private dining room. We can promise you a revealing and very inspiring start to the new year.

The Date: 20th January, 2022
The Time: GMT 8.00 am prompt start, 10.00 am hard finish
The Place: The Wolseley, 160 Piccadilly, St. James’s, London W1J 9EB

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