Cybersecurity @ ENGIE

Why staff are your greatest asset… and your biggest cybersecurity weakness

Cyberattacks are a very real, global threat – and the biggest danger doesn’t come from network risks alone. Externally and internally, companies are very vulnerable. How do you secure email and other applications from unauthorised access? Our Cybersecurity Breakfast Briefing went in search of the answers.

Our guest speaker was Philippe Netzer-Joly, head of the Global Security Operations Centre at ENGIE, the French utility giant. With a brief to secure 120 industrial sites in 70 countries in under one year, this was no trivial challenge for Philippe! 

Philippe explained:

  • How he has been able to protect ENGIE VIP’s mail access from cyber risks without impacting – or in any way altering – the company’s infrastructure. The nightmare scenario of wholescale systems upheaval has been eliminated.
  • How this defensive screen was installed in a matter of days… and how the entire protective system guarantees real-time, global alerting.
  • How he is now empowering users and making them the key guardians of global cybersecurity. Philippe is giving them the instant, real time capability to identify illegal access to their own data.

To read the full report of those insights and the animated discussion they inspired please click the button below.

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