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At the enterprise level one of the most important board questions is “how can we be sure we are protecting our most sensitive data?” and two of the most vulnerable areas in this regard are email and personal mobile phones. Nearly all businesses allow their employees to bring their own smartphones into work. But this open-minded attitude can create security risks and significantly impact the productivity of your staff. And you can encrypt and protect data in your operational systems, but sooner or later, a great deal of this data is going to find its way into emails and attachments stored, in plain text, in mailboxes on your email servers and on your users’ devices.
For fast moving start-ups the challenge is slightly different. Regulations such as GDPR, MiFID II, and PSD2 present significant barriers to entry for challengers who still need to meet enterprise grade compliance. Furthermore, businesses are increasingly engaging with their customers through multiple channels that include social media and other consumer communication platforms with inconsistent security and compliance features. This makes it difficult for businesses to comply with regulations due to the lack of control of the data.

These are all significant challenges that our member firms have tackled through developing products that enable their clients to:

  • Implement an email protection system globally in a matter of days, providing real-time alerts to users throughout the company.
  • Selectively limit the operations of mobiles to close out the features that are of critical risk or lead to significant distraction
  • Control what employees can access at work. For example, disable camera and browser functions as well as block the launch of apps.
  • Achieve end-to-end encrypted one-to-one and group messaging, video and audio calls.
Below are recent case studies from our member firms and some of our recent articles on cybersecurity that we hope you’ll find interesting. We’re happy to arrange direct connections to these specialist firms for prospective clients, simply contact us here.

Case studies

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