Our Data capabilities: 

Arguably the most over-hyped concept in the history of technology. But sweep away all the exaggeration and data analytics is transforming how we do business.
The firms we represent have innovative capabilities in the big data arena. These include platforms that enable automation of manual processes , connect disparate systems and divisions for the first time, and help you prospect, build relationships and accelerate sales.

Some specific capability areas are:

  • GDPR and personal data governance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • B2B customer satisfaction / engagement
  • Salesforce instrumentation
Below are recent case studies from our member firms and some of our recent articles on data that we hope you’ll find interesting. We’re happy to arrange direct connections to these specialist firms for prospective clients, simply contact us here.

Case studies

Data analytics, machine learning & visualisation: See our case study on Intelligent Automation at Hovis here.

Some of our recent articles on Data:

Read – Regulatory Compliance – “How may I thwart you?” here.

Read – When Small Data beats Big Data here.

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