In a perfect storm, don’t pump harder… sell smarter!

Learn how a British software giant uses behavioural science and AI to drive global sales success

War. Strikes. Imminent recession. Double figure inflation. Fuel poverty. Collapsing pound… our economy is in trouble. Faced with such a deep crisis, the reflex reaction is to double down and crank the sales pump twice as hard. But one company has swapped sweat for smarts – turning buyer behavioural science and AI into exceptional sales success. That company is the focus for this year’s final senior executive briefing. And you are invited.

Our guest speakers is Jer Jang (JJ) – Head of Data Science at IRIS Software Group, the leading provider of business management software to accountancy practices and educational organisations, as well as payroll, HR and financial management software to SMEs. With over 100,000 global customers, this company ranks as one of UK’s largest privately-owned software providers. But success is no accident or fluke of fortune.

At a private breakfast on Tuesday 13th December, JJ will share a remarkable journey. One that began in 2019 with a need (and a personal passion) to bring the best of AI and forensic behavioural analysis to the science of selling. How do you achieve consistent accuracy with deal predictions and sales forecasting? How do you exploit data to track and identify best practice? How do you distil the excellence of top-performers into a fast-track training programme for new team members? How do you drive substantive and sustainable efficiencies across an entire growth organisation?

The answers weren’t long in coming. JJ adopted and developed a unique AI and data driven platform that averages over 95% sales forecasting accuracy. He can now predict sales outcomes… optimise upselling and cross-selling…identify new revenue sources… and eliminate wasted sales efforts. JJ will openly share the lows and the highs of a journey where the failures are as revealing as the victories.

AI-empowered forensic data mining is the smart, no-sweat future. And that’s not just our opinion. Gartner now predict that by 2025,75% of B2B sales organisations will have replaced traditional sales playbooks with AI-based selling solutions.

Join us for an inspiring and highly interactive briefing, which will be held under Chatham House rules. There are just ten free places at our senior executive breakfast table. To claim one of them, please book your place now.

Tuesday December 13th 8.00 am GMT prompt start. 10.00 am hard finish

The Wolseley Private Dining Room, Piccadilly, London

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