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Delivering Digital@Scale

Everyone’s doing it; rushing to digitise every aspect of their business. Indeed, it is now widely accepted that future commercial survival rests on a company’s ability to deliver a superior customer experience, time and time again. Unfortunately many digital projects quickly become mired and fail to deliver customer satisfaction. Our Digital experts understand the imperatives that companies must have in place before embarking on any digital journey and have deep and global experience in helping clients navigate delivering scale digital transformation.

Closing the digital skills gap

A critical challenge in digital age is the growing skills gap and the need to retain and retrain key staff. The good news is this is precisely what the latest generation of e-learning platforms are designed to do. Organisations such as Bayer, BT, GE, RBS, TATA and other global giants develop their leaders… bridge their technology skill gaps… ensure global compliance… retain key talents… reduce reliance on contractors… cut training & recruitment costs… and share knowledge through utilising one of our member firms platforms.

Designed to meet the needs of modern learners, it allows people to take advantage of over 500 pre-curated channels and micro-learning courses. Read the article below for more information or contact us directly here.

Below are case studies from our member firms and some of our recent articles on digital innovation and delivery that we hope you’ll find interesting. We’re happy to arrange direct connections to these specialist firms for prospective clients, simply contact us here.I was at an event the other day when two things really spoilt my day…

Case studies

Digital-at-scale software engineering: See our case study on HSBC and HMRC here.

Mobile app development: See our case study on Drum Cussac here.

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