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Cyber Security

Your staff are your greatest asset
….and your biggest cybersecurity weakness

… at 8am, on Thursday March 22nd, you will discover why!

Cyberattacks are a very real, global threat – and the biggest danger doesn’t come from network risks alone. The sobering truth is that the key applications and confidential data used by trusted members of staff are the weakest links in your cyber security. Malicious external hackers exploit this gateway to corrupt systems. What’s more, there is growing evidence that malign staff with a ‘score to settle’ will deliberately target apps and sensitive data to damage their employers. Externally and internally, companies are very vulnerable.

No-one knows this better than Philippe Netzer-Joly. Philippe is the head of the Global Security Operations Centre at ENGIE – the French utility giant. With €66 billion of annual revenues and over 153,000 employees to monitor, he knows the scale of his challenge and the frightening cost of failure. So how does he sleep at night?

On Thursday 22nd March, he will be landing in London to reveal the fascinating answers…

Philippe has agreed to be the guest speaker at our senior management breakfast briefing. In this private briefing you will:

  • Learn how he has been able to protect ENGIE VIP’s mail access from cyber risks without impacting – or in any way altering – the company’s infrastructure. The nightmare scenario of wholescale systems upheaval has been eliminated.
  • Learn how this defensive screen was installed in a matter of days… and how the entire protective system guarantees real-time, global alerting.
  • Learn how he is now empowering users and making them the key guardians of global cybersecurity. Philippe is giving them the instant, real time capability to identify illegal access to their own data.


If you are responsible for cyber security, this is one ‘must attend’ senior management briefing.

The Date: Thursday March 22nd
The Time: 8am (prompt start) – 10am (hard finish)
The Venue: The Delaunay, Private Dining Room, 55 Aldwych, London EC4V 5AE

The free places around our select breakfast table are limited to just twelve senior executives – so please reserve your place by registering now:


Hacked Off!

How to protect your business from the next
generation of cyber attacks

… at 6:30pm – 9:00pm, on Tuesday May 8th.

‘Hacked-Off’ is our next Clustre Innovation Club (CIC) event on May 8th. With heads of intelligence now viewing cyber attacks as the top global security threat – bigger even than terrorism – the need for vigilance has never been greater.

But let’s think positively. Instead of fearing an imminent attack, let’s focus on innovative defence. How can senior management exploit technology – and empower users – to protect themselves and stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve?

Well, the answer doesn’t come from any ‘miracle technology’ promising a ‘silver bullet’ solution. But it does come from changing mindsets. As businesses add new applications – both for users and IoT – they inevitably open up more attack vectors. However, they also open up opportunities to apply radical thinking and adopt new approaches to cybersecurity.

And no-one knows this truth better than our panel of inspiring guest speakers…

Roy Isbell – our lead speaker – is a successful businessman, serial entrepreneur, researcher and senior management consultant in cyber-security. After leaving the MoD, he jointly established an information security company that was acquired by Symantec. He now advises governments, mentors global businesses and is a lecturer at two universities. He is also co-founder of the Warwick University Cyber Security Centre.
Nithin Thomas is the CEO of SQR Systems – the award-winning secure communications software platform for mobile and IoT.

This platform improves data quality and end-to-end security when using unreliable wireless networks. It also enables easier compliance for regulated industries through the use of identity-based encryption.

Ben Miller is the SVP at Idecsi. In our hyper‑connected, hyper‑vulnerable world, tracking access to key applications – such as email and ERP – is critical. Idecsi identifies instantly when there is unauthorised entry or malicious reconfiguration. Using a unique personal SIEM, security teams can engage users in safeguarding their cybersecurity – expanding defence resources to protect organisations as attacks grow in sophistication and scale.

Join other innovation-curious senior executives at ‘Hacked-Off’.

The Date: Tuesday May 8th
The Time: 6:30pm – 9pm (prompt start)
The Venue: The Institute of Engineering & Technology,
2 Savoy Place, London WC2R 0BL

IoT – a small matter of life or death

IoT – a small matter of life or death

… at 8am, on Wednesday May 2nd, you will discover why!

This Breakfast Briefing is different. We are breaking with convention. We are taking you out of your comfort zone of personal experience to see IoT in a new light…

On May 2nd, Mandip Thind – Senior Product Innovation Manager at Linde, the industrial gases giant – is our guest speaker. He has agreed to share a case study that has deep relevance to senior executives in every sector. A case study that helps to explain why the global market value of IoT is now widely expected to top $7 trillion within the next 2 years…

  • He will reveal how IoT has done more than just change lives – in his sector of business, it is actually saving lives.
  • He will describe how a series of chance meetings and surprise discoveries helped to expose costly inefficiencies in the medical profession.
  • He will explain how a hugely competitive, highly commoditised, price-driven industry has been profoundly – and very positively – disrupted by IoT.
  • He will show that the lessons of IoT – learnt in intensive care units and acute surgery theatres – have connected applications across all industries and business sectors.
  • He will be the catalyst for a fascinating, free-ranging exchange of ideas and IoT experiences.

If you are responsible for or keenly interested in the application of IoT,
this is one ‘must attend’ senior management briefing.

The Date: Wednesday May 2nd
The Time: 8am (prompt start) – 10am (hard finish)
The Venue: The Delaunay, Private Dining Room, 55 Aldwych, London EC4V 5AE

The free places around our private breakfast table are limited to just twelve senior executives –
so please reserve your place by registering now:

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