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  • How did Fast Data help to power Aston Martin to victory at Le Mans?
  • How do you create the right environment for Fast Data exploitation?
  • How do you turn Big Data into Small Data for a winning performance?
  • How do you make instant sense of unstructured data?

These questions will be answered by our panel of industry experts…

David Richards CBE – former rally champion, former F1 team owner, former Chairman of Aston Martin, an award-winning hotel owner and the Chairman of Prodrive – will focus on Fast Data. This successful, serial entrepreneur will reveal fascinating insights from his worlds of motorsport and mainstream business.

Supporting David, we have:

  • An inspired video from Fast Data leaders Lightbend
  • A personal briefing from the head of AltViz – the Big and Small data experts
  • Thought-leading observations from the International Head of Digital Reasoning – the most widely used tool for processing unstructured data.

Membership of the Clustre Innovation Club is by invitation only and is entirely free. You are invited:

The Date: 18th October 2017
The Time: 6pm – 9pm
The Venue: The Carter Lane Gallery, 49 Carter Lane, London EC4V 5AE

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Save your company a €20 Million fine


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is less than one year away. This game-changer is certain to impact every single business that harvests EU consumer data. And Brexit offers no reprieve…

GDPR will apply to all organisations that process and hold the personal data of EU residents. There are no ‘Get out of Gaol Free’ cards and the maximum penalty for breaking this new law could be a crippling €20,000,000!

Our next Breakfast Briefing – on September 26th in Central London – is one of the most timely and important senior executive forums we have ever staged. Our guest speaker at this private round-table discussion will be one of the country’s leading legal experts on GDPR. To reserve your free place at this table, please register now.

The Date: Tuesday 26th September 2017
The Time: 8am (prompt start) – 10am (hard finish)
The Venue: The Delaunay, Private Dining Room, 55 Aldwych, London EC4V 5AE

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Every individual is different,
so why do companies treat all customers the same?


George Kelsey is the Head of Technology and Innovation at Tesco Bank. He is also the guest-speaker at our 15th November Clustre Breakfast Briefing.

George joined Tesco Bank two years ago with a very specific mandate: to improve the entire online experience for customers and shift the bank from a product-focused to a customer-centric company. It’s been quite a journey. After extensive testing, Tesco Bank is now preparing to launch a new, hugely adaptable and very personal online experience. This is the story of a remarkable partnership with one RPA supplier who is helping to deliver a truly game-changing transformation. 

George will share this experience and explain how Tesco Bank is:

  • Moving from a one-size-fits-all service model to a tailored process that meets each customer’s needs.
  • Building an AI-driven solution that sits – as an overarching app – above the bank’s existing IT systems.
  • Putting each customer’s journey into personal context with bespoke advice, customised financial products and a stripped-down completion process.
  • Harnessing machine-learning in call centres to create a faster, utterly involving, interactive experience.

Most importantly of all, George will share the two crucial lessons that are changing Tesco Bank’s entire business approach:

First: Understand your customers. Don’t make assumptions and never rely on popular thinking or generic research – instead, get up close and personal with your own customers.

Second: Focus on the customer’s ultimate need. For example, applying for a loan is just the symptom of an underlying need. Only when you understand that need can you focus on the information that is solely and specifically relevant to the solution. Forget your selfish information interests; focus on improving the customer experience.

This private Breakfast Briefing is about dramatically improving the customer’s journey. It’s a cross-industry case study on how to use technology to shift from a company-centric to a customer-centric mindset. If these are your priorities in 2018, join us for the last of this year’s fascinating and thought-provoking Clustre Breakfast Briefings:

The Date: 15th November 2017
The Time: 8am (prompt start) – 10am (hard finish)
The Venue: The Lotos Private Dining Room at the Beaumont Hotel

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