Hacked off!

How to protect your business from the next generation of cyber attacks

With heads of intelligence now viewing cyber attacks as the top global security threat – bigger even than terrorism – the need for vigilance has never been greater.

How can senior management exploit technology – and empower users – to protect themselves and stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve?

As businesses add new applications – both for users and IoT – they inevitably open up more attack vectors. However, they also open up opportunities to apply radical thinking and adopt new approaches to cybersecurity. At our Clustre Innovation Club event we focused on how businesses can build innovative defences.

And we assembled a panel of inspiring guest speakers to address this challenge:

Roy Isbell – our lead speaker – a successful businessman, serial entrepreneur, researcher and senior management consultant in cyber-security. After leaving the MoD, he jointly established an information security company that was acquired by Symantec. He now advises governments, mentors global businesses and is a lecturer at two universities. He is also co-founder of the Warwick University Cyber Security Centre.

Nithin Thomas the CEO of SQR Systems – the award-winning secure communications software platform for mobile and IoT. This platform improves data quality and end-to-end security when using unreliable wireless networks. It also enables easier compliance for regulated industries through the use of identity-based encryption.

Ben Miller the SVP at Idecsi. In our hyper‑connected, hyper‑vulnerable world, tracking access to key applications – such as email and ERP – is critical. Idecsi identifies instantly when there is unauthorised entry or malicious reconfiguration. Using a unique personal SIEM, security teams can engage users in safeguarding their cybersecurity – expanding defence resources to protect organisations as attacks grow in sophistication and scale.

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