How Time Inc built an award-winning innovation culture.

An inspiring, cross-industry lesson in disruption

Paul Cheal is Group Managing Director responsible for Innovation at Time Inc UK, the giant consumer magazine and digital publisher. He is also the guest speaker at our next Breakfast Briefing.

Genuinely inspired ideas are presented to leadership teams in many companies every day. Most never see the light of day, as investors lack confidence to take a leap of faith. If only they could be tested quickly and cost-effectively, we could avoid this tragic waste of great ideas.

Paul will share a case study that has relevance for us all, regardless of industry.

Faced with entrenched attitudes in a traditional business, Paul set up a new lean product development capability. Time Inc UK Labs went on to disrupt traditional thinking with a leaner, faster, more cost-effective approach to getting more innovative ideas off the page, and tested in real life.

Learn how…

  • The incubation lab slashed delivery timelines – cutting 6-month proof of concept cycles to just 6 weeks.
  • Corporate culture shifted to embrace experimentation, question the status quo and make more evidence-backed decisions.
  • Success transformed business models – switching focus from the printed page to totally digital product offerings.

Does your organisation struggle to do new things? Are inspired ideas going to the wall for lack of confidence to do something different?

Around the breakfast table on Wednesday July 11th, we will discuss ways to break this inertia and actually deliver innovation – quickly and effectively. Join us for this fascinating, free-ranging briefing.

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