Innovation in a climate of fear

WhyWhere and How to drive

business-changing ideas

in a deeply challenged world

In a new series of 30-minute Virtual Coffee Breaks, we look at this complex challenge:

Why, Where and How to innovate in a pandemic

In a recent McKinsey survey, 90% of senior executives admitted that Covid will radically and irrevocably change the way they do business. With every aspect of commercial life now impacted by the global pandemic, there has never been a greater need to innovate and re-invent.  Whether you are an intrepid advocate of change or a cautious, risk-averse sceptic, this new series of half-hour briefings will guide you through the risks and rewards of the innovation landscape.

Wednesday 18th November: WHY must we innovate?

Why are we hard-wired to resist change? Why is this the critical moment for re-invention? Why is disruption the single biggest threat to most companies? Why is speed so essential to success? We answer these (and many more) questions through the looking glass of revealing case studies.

Starts: 10.30am. Hard stop: 11am

Wednesday 25th November: WHERE should we innovate?

Where should you focus your innovations efforts and investment for maximum effect? Where are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Where can you source reliable insights in a perfect storm? Where do so many companies go so wrong? Once again, we turn the lens on recent, real-life case studies for the answers.

Starts: 10.30am. Hard stop: 11am

Wednesday 2nd December: HOW do we innovate?

How is success ICED into best practice? How do you drive and derive faster value? How do you tap into the innovative potential of your own people? How can you create a culture of self-expression within a highly structured hierarchy? In answering these questions, we also reveal and share the 10 vital steps to creating an innovation environment.

Starts: 10.30am. Hard stop: 11am.

Registration for all three Virtual Coffee Breaks is free. However, when booking your place, we would ask you to make a personal commitment to attend. Please book your place now.

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