Innovation on Demand

What do we do?

We help large enterprises to innovate with much greater success. This is a free service that provides point solutions to specific innovation need.

How do we work?

  1. We start by responding to a specific innovation challenge or by running a short but very revealing innovation diagnostic (Read more here)
    This unique diagnostic tool identifies areas of innovation weakness or opportunity within an organisation. Using these insights, we can pinpoint relevant solution practitioners from within our innovation eco-system.
  2. We then introduce the enterprise to those suppliers best placed to provide the innovation solution they require.
  3. All enterprises that sign-up for one of our services will automatically receive:
    1. A monthly newsletter focusing on ‘hot’ topics and breaking news within our world of innovation
    2. Invitations to free breakfast seminars, evening networking events and private tech-expos. These events – held under Chatham House rules – are exclusively for ‘C’ level executives with a deep and genuine interest in innovation. They can freely listen to thought-leaders, discuss issues with guest-speakers and share experiences with peers
    3. Free introductions, as required and requested, to leading members of our innovation eco-system

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