Clustre opens doors – at boardroom level – that are closed to most specialist firms. Drawing upon a unique network of influential contacts, Clustre introduces inspiring young companies to innovation-hungry senior executives.

We are paid largely on results. A joining fee covers Clustre’s costs in vetting and validating every new member. Once enrolled, though, there is no charge for creating high-level introductions. Only when a connection leads to a contract do we receive a commission.

But one word of caution; our selection standards are stringent. To qualify, a prospective member must have a service or product that is not just differentiated but unique, relevant and utterly compelling…

Distinction is our difference.


Why Clustre?

Because we are close to over 200 senior execs in major enterprises

Because they trust our judgement and recommendations

Because we can open doors that are closed to you

Because we deliver – and are paid on results

Because we know how to pitch niche firms

Because we are The Innovation Brokers

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We connect innovation-hungry senior executives to really clever niche firms.
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