Mobile Apps at Warp Speed

Our challenge: to build a zero-code, native mobile app in 30 minutes… in-front of a live audience!

For our final event of 2021, we have decided to put one of today’s most talked-about technologies to the ultimate test. Zero-code mobile apps have been heralded as one of the biggest gamechangers in modern technology. But is the hype justified?

To find out, we have challenged a true subject expert to walk the talk. Matt Brooke-Smith is the founder and CEO of Future Workshops. He heads a multiple award-winning app team that has pioneered zero-code development. And, on Wednesday December 8th, he has agreed to build a native, zero-code mobile app in just 30 minutes. Make no mistake, this is no pre-baked demonstration. Matt will build the app from scratch.

In a recent podcast, we caught up with Matt to ask him about zero-code mobile apps and why they have aroused so much interest:
“Well, at first, zero-code apps met with a ‘Marmite’ reception. Many IT teams were really suspsicious and negative. But most have now learnt to respect this platform because it speeds delivery. It gets apps off the ground much faster and for a fraction of normal costs. And – here’s the real bonus – it provides a stable, durable platform for developing native features and functionality.

Innovation teams have been especially quick to embrace it. Zero code apps offer them the perfect test bed for experimental thinking. And business end-users have also been some of the biggest beneficiaries. They can abandon their clunky spreadsheets for apps that bring clarity, precision and far greater control to decision-taking.”

Find out for yourself. In a 30-minute masterclass we will see whether ‘Zero’ really is a ‘Hero’. Can this app-building technology lives up to the hype and high praise? Book your place now:

Wednesday, 8th December, GMT 9.00am- 10.00am

This special ‘Innovation Talk’ is entirely free but highly likely to be over-subscribed. Please make your reservation now

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