Innovations in Selling

1 evening of sales insights ● 40 senior executives ● 5 inspiring speakers

This is what you will learn from the executive summary:

  • The selling secrets of Silicon Valley
  • How to be a ‘Red Adair’ in a sales crisis
  • Where UK plc has a global competitive edge
  • Three crucial sales lessons from a top NASDAQ leader
  • How Vodafone increased sales productivity by 187%
  • How sales intel gave BT an £11 million sales boost
  • How to get up close and personal with your customers
  • How to motivate and maximise the performance of your sales force.

Forty senior executives met for an evening of expert insights and inspirational networking. The subject was ‘Innovations in Selling’ and featured a panel of world-class speakers…

Stephen Kelly – our keynote speaker

Stephen has held CEO positions with three impressive UK and USA public tech companies. After 9 years at Oracle, he led an enterprise start-up in California to IPO. Five successful years later, he returned to the UK as CEO of Micro Focus before being selected as COO of UK Government in 2011. In 2014, Stephen was appointed CEO of Sage. During his CEO tenure, Stephen has grown companies to create £5bn of market value. He is currently executive mentor, Board Director and angel investor to a growing stable of high growth UK tech firms.

Having spent all of his executive career at the very sharp end of technology sales, Stephen was uniquely qualified to be our keynote speaker. Drawing on a rare depth of knowledge, he brought a thought-provoking, often tangential but always inspiring perspective to the whole world of selling.

Andrew Yates & John O’Connor – ‘How to get Closer to your Clients’

Andrew and John are serial entrepreneurs who have dedicated their professional lives to ensuring that companies understand what their customers really want and value. As the founders and driving forces behind Artesian Solutions and Deep Insight – two of the leading enterprises in this growth sector – they have a genuine wealth of experience to share.

Andy McDonald & Lawrence Paterson– ‘How to Drive-up Sales Force performance’

Andy and Lawrence – senior executives at Cloudapps and Quark respectively – are experts in optimising sales. They will explain how to track every step of a sales journey… pinpoint areas of friction… spotlight high-value behaviours… empower sales teams to find, customize and share content… as well as to define and distil the most effective content for each prospect and selling scenario. Quite simply, this was a masterclass in how to drive-up sales force performance.

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