Wednesday May 2nd

IoT – a small matter of life or death

IoT – Senior Management Briefing

… at 8am, on Wednesday May 2nd, you will discover why!

This Breakfast Briefing is different. We are breaking with convention. We are taking you out of your comfort zone of personal experience to see IoT in a new light…

On May 2nd, Mandip Thind – Senior Product Innovation Manager at Linde, the industrial gases giant – is our guest speaker. He has agreed to share a case study that has deep relevance to senior executives in every sector. A case study that helps to explain why the global market value of IoT is now widely expected to top $7 trillion within the next 2 years…

  • He will reveal how IoT has done more than just change lives – in his sector of business, it is actually saving lives.
  • He will describe how a series of chance meetings and surprise discoveries helped to expose costly inefficiencies in the medical profession.
  • He will explain how a hugely competitive, highly commoditised, price-driven industry has been profoundly – and very positively – disrupted by IoT.
  • He will show that the lessons of IoT – learnt in intensive care units and acute surgery theatres – have connected applications across all industries and business sectors.
  • He will be the catalyst for a fascinating, free-ranging exchange of ideas and IoT experiences.


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