Internet of Things (IoT)

Our IoT capabilities: 

The convergence of AI technologies with the Internet of Things (IoT) will drive even more value creation. IoT offers the opportunity to be more efficient in how we do things, saving time and money. It allows companies, governments and public authorities to re-think how they deliver services and produce goods.
But in order to realise the potential of IoT there are numerous challenges to be resolved from developing and testing devices and hardware, through to effective multi-channel deployment. Additionally there are significant security issues that need to be addressed. As we progressively interconnect more of our digital and physical world, the problem becomes exponentially more complex and difficult to secure. We are dramatically increasing the attack-surface with every interconnection. 

We represent companies who:

  • Connect and integrate all types of technology to create seamless customer and employee experiences that can span the globe. 
  • Provide the only secure mobile and IoT communications platform for both organisations and individuals. The platform comes with a suite of APIs so anyone can integrate with it and take advantage of the security protocols to rapidly deploy secure products and services.
Below are recent case studies from our member firms and some of our recent articles on IoT that we hope you’ll find interesting. We’re happy to arrange direct connections to these specialist firms for prospective clients, simply contact us here.

Case studies

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