Internet of Things (IoT)

<strong><strong>Internet of Things</strong></strong>

The internet of things is perhaps best understood when you realise there are now more things connected to the internet than there are people connected. 

At the personal level, we are all now used to interacting with IoT devices, ranging from home-automation to wearable technology, and are aware of what is to come in the form of driverless cars and smart healthcare.

At the industrial level, IoT sensors and embedded software are transforming manufacturing, transport and logistics, environmental monitoring and many other areas. And the potential for innovation is ever-increasing, leading us perhaps towards fully connected smart-cities and fully automated transport and logistics systems.

<strong><strong><strong>Member Firm Capabilities</strong></strong></strong>

Proven IoT innovation capabilities of Clustre Member Firms include:

  • IoT and embedded software
  • End-to-end security of IoT devices

Below are recent case studies from our member firms and some of our recent articles on IoT that we hope you’ll find interesting. We’re happy to arrange direct connections to these specialist firms for prospective clients, simply contact us here.

<strong><strong><strong>Case studies</strong></strong></strong>

See our case study on IoT at Linde here.

<strong><strong><strong>Some of our recent articles on IoT</strong></strong></strong>

Read – The Future is Connected Technologies here.

Read – Convergence – Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things here.

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