Innovation Showcase on ‘Hybrid Working’

Get around the table to talk ‘Hybrid Working’

A unique chance to mix, mingle and be inspired… and it’s Covid secure!

Date: Wednesday 21st April

Time: From 4.00pm to 5.30pm

Without doubt, virtual events have provided an essential link for isolated staff during lockdown. For collaboration and productivity, they are nothing short of a corporate lifeline.

But there is one magical element missing from every virtual event: the social perspective. The pleasure of catching up with old friends at a real conference … the impromptu networking opportunities… the new friendships forged over a relaxed drink in the bar. No Zoom, Microsoft, Google or Click meeting can ever create that elusive social connection…

Until now.

Our Innovation Showcase on ‘Hybrid Working’

To mark the launch of Clustre’s new Point of View on ‘Hybrid Working’, we are staging a special online conference. But it’s a virtual event with a vital difference. Clustre has teamed up with Toucan – a hugely innovative pioneer – to bring a truly life-like, interactive dimension to this conference. Let’s explain…

We have invited three outstanding subject specialists to lead conference tables on three of today’s hottest ‘hybrid working’ topics:
• How to secure data across all unsecured channels
• How to optimise online learning and maximise employee performance
• And for extra fun, how to build secure, sophisticated mobile apps in under an hour.

You are welcome to join any of these three tables. You can talk freely to other delegates… raise questions… ask speakers to explain or elaborate key points… attend panel discussions and break-out sessions… and you can monitor activities at other tables.
If you want to leave your group to join another discussion, you can move freely and instantly between tables. There is even a ‘bar’ table – you can fill your glass for a happy half-hour exchanging ideas and experiences with other senior executives.

So, check out these tables…

Table One: How to protect data sharing across all unsecured channels.

Nithin Thomas is the CEO of Ceerus. He will showcase an innovative security product for hybrid environments. His product removes the risks implicit in using unsecure devices or networks for hybrid working. It offers consistent security and compliance across all digital channels.

Nithin will also explain how entire documents – or just portions of documents – can be encrypted… and this encryption lasts throughout the lifetime of the document. Wherever it goes and however many times it is shared, that document will always be protected.

Table Two: How to turn Covid isolation to career and company advantage.

Andrew Holmes – from Skillsoft – specialises in providing SaaS-based learning solutions for technology heads of large enterprises. “I focus on optimising the new opportunities of hybrid working – helping companies to develop their skills base in areas such as DevOps, cybersecurity, cloud, data analytics and AI”.

Andrew will reveal how Deutsche Telekom launched an ambitious training initiative during lockdown. Instead of leaving 100,000 furloughed staff in a limbo of worry and uncertainty, Deutsche Telekom created a development programme that turned Covid adversity to real career advantage.

Andrew will also sign you up for some virtual classes so you can experience online learning at his table and share industry insights from Skillsoft’s Technology Learning Report into what skills companies have been prioritising during the pandemic.

Table Three: How to build sophisticated mobile business apps in under an hour.

Matt Brooke-Smith is the CEO of ‘Future Workshops’ – a world-leader in developing fast, highly sophisticated mobile apps.120 million people now use their products and US$ 5 billion pass through their ultra-secure platforms.

In less than one hour, Matt will physically build a mobile app from scratch using his unique ‘Mobile Workflow’ development tool. If you think clever apps have to be complex and costly to build – just think again!

Join us for this inspiring, interactive event and claim a complimentary copy of our new PoV:

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