How will LG track the health of all its EV batteries – in real time – everywhere on Earth?

Welcome to the world of ‘edge’ computing

Only five years ago, battery health monitoring on a global scale was unthinkable. Previous attempts to send battery data to the cloud had proved dismal. A maximum of 100 batteries could be tracked at any one time.

But then came the game-changing curve ball…

International production legislation decreed that battery manufacturers would now be held globally accountable. They had to take worldwide ownership for the entire battery lifecycle – from creation to scrapping. And this new law forced one of the most disruptive technologies into the spotlight… ‘edge’ computing had arrived.

The story of LG’s race to embrace this technology is the subject of our latest ‘Innovation Talk’. Our speaker is uniquely qualified to talk on the topic. Nick Harmer is Vice President EMEA of the company that created the platform for LG to develop its edge-based, battery-monitoring system.  And it doesn’t stop there. Nick’s international team has helped clients deliver bespoke edge solutions for environmental alerts & emergency response… connected retail… smart city management… stadia and venue security… smart farming. The list is as broad as it is impressive. Indeed, one of their clients – SoftBank – is also an investor!

Nick’s talk is laced with case histories and thought-provoking insights that challenge the way we will view and do business in the future:

“There are already more CCTV cameras than computers in the world. The sheer proliferation of sensors and intelligent IoT devices has far outstripped human capacity to monitor and interpret at speed. This vacuum is now being filled by a new generation of autonomous business applications that genuinely do operate in real-time. Ignore them at your peril because they are unlocking significant and previously unseen value.”

“The trend towards the real-time processing of sensor-driven events is moving us away from centralised cloud architectures and into a much more distributed environment. And you can see it surfacing with the rise of edge computing. But surprisingly, many of the major players, have been slow to grasp this reality…”

“They still think in terms of shrink-wrapped solutions. They think that bundling a bunch of point solutions will give them an integrated answer. It won’t! What you need is a holistic and focused approach using low-code, real-time systems. This delivers agility. And agility drives a much shorter time to value and ROI. That is the true power of edge computing.”  

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