How do all UK tier 1 banks and major insurers source and secure new business customers?

An intelligence gathering masterclass for highly regulated industries

Today’s highly regulated industries face three huge challenges…

First: Customers are much more demanding. They expect banks and insurance companies to know all about them and to anticipate their needs.

Second: Competition is much stronger and more agile. Digital banks, for example, start with a game-changing, nimble advantage – no paper forms, branches and legacy systems.

Third: Compliance is getting ever tougher. Regulations complicate every aspect of finding, onboarding and growing business customers at scale.

So, how do highly regulated sectors source unique, customer intelligence? How do they access connected insights about every business in the UK and Ireland? How do they harvest intelligence on key business leaders and layer this data with actionable insights? And how do they manage their customer lifecycles in an intelligent way?

These are just some of the questions addressed by Andrew Yates our expert speaker. Andrew is the CEO and co-founder of ‘FullCircl’ – a company dedicated to helping regulated industries harness the power of Customer Lifecycle Intelligence. With more than 600 institutional clients including seven of the nine CMA banks, Andrew has a wealth of knowledge to share. He explained why CRM is only half the story – and why savvy companies now exploit AI-enabled systems of engagement to drive customer lifecycle intelligence.

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