‘Taking the gamble out of decision-making’

Gartner recently asked senior executives a simple question: What do you typically use when making a decision? 87% admitted that experience, training and intuition are their principal influences. With masterly understatement, Gartner observed that ‘nonquantifiable factors play a large role in decision making’. But the blunt truth is that precedent, unverified opinion and personal bias form the flaky bedrock for many recurring business decisions.

Not surprisingly, companies are worried. They want key decisions to be guided by precision logic; not unquantified gut-feelings. But the most frequent and critical decisions are extremely complex and – with precious little technology to help – it has proved impossible to augment and scale complex decision-making processes. Until now.

On Wednesday 14th September, we looked at two organisations that are using breakthrough AI technology to break the mould.

James Duez – the founder and CEO of Rainbird – was our expert speaker. Having provided the technology for both projects, he is uniquely qualified to share his experience and to explain a whole new category of ground-breaking automation technology that Gartner (and other analysts) are only beginning to recognise.

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