Not every cloud has a silver lining

Your cloud migration has been largely or completely done – but has it been done well? With the benefit of hindsight, many companies are now discovering that costs have spiralled… budgets have overrun… and technical debts tarnish the fluffy promises of cloud migration. Cloud optimisation – not optimism – is now the priority. 

‘How to optimise your cloud investment’ is the subject of our April ‘Innovation Talk’. Our speaker is a true subject expert. Wolfgang Emmerich is professor of distributed computing at University College London (UCL). But he is no bookish academic. Wolfgang is also a founder and CEO of Zuhlke – the global business innovation, digital solutions, and application service provider. Above all, he is an incisive, refreshingly honest, thought leader on every aspect of the ‘cloud’. 

Here’s a taster:

“For many companies, the ‘lift and shift’ stage may be over – but the burdens stubbornly remain. Management still has to maintain and patch the virtual machines. It still has security risks and governance issues. It still has the same heavy admin load. Instead of shifting costs, companies often end up lifting them even higher.

For example, putting data into the cloud may be free and easy – but, when you take data out, the meter starts spinning. Fast. You pay for ever gig you extract. That’s a penalty companies often fail to factor into their cloud equation. 

We know these pain points because we’ve experienced them first-hand. My team has defined cloud strategies for some of the most demanding, extraordinary and highly regulated organisations. We have shaped and delivered the hosting, network and governance strategies for massive AWS programmes. We’ve been there (and have the scars to prove it!). 

That deep knowledge enabled us to save one of this nation’s most critical apps. In six weeks, we took over and totally rebuilt the Covid App. In the process, we drove down cloud hosting costs by well over 50%. I will openly share that experience. I will explain exactly how and where we optimise cloud value”.

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 April Innovation Talk

Date: Wednesday 12th April

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