A freight train of new legislation could derail your business in the next 2 years…

Do you have the data ecosystem to cope?

New and radical legislation is coming down the track. Within two years, it will impact every business:

  • Digital Product Passports will force all manufacturers and retailers to create a sourcing ecosystem for their entire supply chain. For example, every hide for every shoe, coat and handbag must have a provenance – detailing the precise cow from a specific farm.
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Makers will be mandated to prove exactly which mine in what country supplied the lithium and cobalt. Failure to comply will result in product bans, sales embargoes and crippling fines.
  • Deposit Return Schemes and plastic recycling pose a legal nightmare. Separate regulations for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are mirrored in the EU – even the Flemish and French speaking parts of Belgium have different laws. How will companies spanning multi-national markets cope with such bureaucratic chaos?

Thankfully the speaker at our April ‘Innovation Talk’  had the answers. Dan Klein is the Chief of AI & Data at Zuhlke. His regular Apple podcasts attract a record 4.8 approval rating. And his experience is unparalleled – Dan was the senior lead on a United Nation’s project to create a single data ecosystem for 184 countries.

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