Meet the multi award-winning entrepreneur who has disrupted the insurance industry!

  • Voted the ‘Insurance Leader of the Year’ by Women in Finance Awards
  • Winner of the ‘Technology Development’ prize at the European Business Awards
  • Listed as a Top Ten Insurtech ‘Female Influencers’ by The Insurance Institute
  • Ranked No.6 in the Forbes list of ‘The Top 100 Women Founders to Watch’     

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy – the CEO of Tapoly – is one of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs in the insurance sector. She is also the keynote speaker for our first ‘Innovation Talk’ of 2023.

Personal fulfilment is not measured by personal fortune                                             

To say the least, Janthana’s journey has been challenging. From a humble background in rural Thailand, her young life was suddenly uprooted when her parents moved to Sweden. She put down new roots and thrived. To secure her place at a leading UK university, she taught herself fluent English in just a few months. And after graduating, she went straight into finance. As a director at J. P. Morgan as well as other leading banks and hedge funds, her high-altitude career seemed assured. But then – with no previous industry experience – she put everything on the line to launch a new breed of insurance company. Why?

In a disarmingly honest briefing, she will explain why she swapped a safe and lucrative career to “create something of much greater value”. For her, personal fulfilment cannot be measured by personal fortune.

Successful entrepreneurs are often deeply conflicted

She will go on to reveal why many entrepreneurs are driven by deeply contradictory emotions. Passionate to succeed, they must also be dispassionate enough to refocus business models when market forces dramatically shift.

Two years after forming her nascent company, Brexit effectively blocked all her European licences – crippling her key platform for growth. Twelve months later, Covid struck – killing her on-demand business model in a new and hardening market. These setbacks would have destroyed many business start-ups. Janthana not only survived the storms, she pivoted her entire business to become a technology solutions provider responding to the needs of a growing Gig economy. She now leads the field in offering SAAS solutions for major corporates eager to deploy white-labelled insurance schemes.

Tech is just a tool – collaboration is what really counts

Janthana will talk about the many technology milestones – from Cloud-based APIs and no-code apps to the radical use of AI to build huge databases. But she is quick to emphasise one basic truth. Technology is just a tool in the change game. For Janthana, the key to success is: “Collaboration – the exploiting of clever tech to connect markets. That’s critical. And, of course, the resilience to keep pushing when the world is against you!”

Join us for the first ‘Innovation Talk’ of the new year. In a deeply troubled business climate, we can promise you a fascinating and truly inspiring briefing.

Date: 12th January, 2023

Time 9am to 10am GMT

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