Meet Charlie Forte…

The maverick who has the MoD in his sights

Charlie Forte is the CDIO for the Ministry of Defence (MOD). But he’s no Whitehall mandarin. Charlie is a serial disruptor…

Deputy Global CIO at BP… CEO of Global IT services at Prudential… CIO at Thames Water… his track record of delivering radical change is hugely impressive. Now in his 60s, Charlie has nothing to prove and no career to protect. All of his deep, disruptive experience is being targeted on the MoD. He is totally goal-driven and determined to drive radical change within this nation’s frontline of defence.

This is your chance to meet him. Charlie Forte is our expert speaker at Clustre’s next ‘Innovation Talk’. For all senior executives who are struggling to bring agile solutions to complex cultures, he is a massively inspiring maverick. Here are some examples of his incisive and refreshingly inclusive thinking:

Secret sauce: “Successful digital transformation is a team sport. It’s a genuine, team-wide endeavour where the ‘secret sauce’ is all about developing softer skills… focusing on outcomes… and thinking differently”

Speed and focus: We have to deliver value in much shorter incremental bursts and break the MoD mould of acting in 5-year cycles”

Define clear imperatives: “Goals need to be clearer and far more concise. Spell out the imperatives: I want this amount of money… over this period of time… to drive these outcomes… and deliver these benefits. And give me six or seven simple sentences to put your case to me – not 60 pages of total incomprehension”

My three biggest priorities: “Skills… Skills… Skills. Put them in any order you like but finding and blending the right cocktail of competencies is critical to driving disruption. And I’m not just talking technology skills. I look for the best and broadest span of expertise from the military, civil service, industry and the professions”

Expose and explode: “I’m putting sticks of dynamite under stratified, stultifying systems… I want a culture where diversity of thinking is not just tolerated but actively welcomed”

Inspiring and packed full of insights, our July ‘Innovation Talk’ promises to be a disruptive masterclass. Join us:

Innovation Talk: ’60 minutes with a serial disruptor’

Date: Wednesday 13th July

Time 9am to 10am GMT

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