“Niche tech firms will be the new ‘special forces’ in future conflicts”

Lieutenant General Richard Wardlaw is the Chief of Defence Logistics and Support within the MOD. He is also the guest speaker at our July ‘Innovation Talk’. Looking ten years into the future, he sees niche SMEs and sustainability at the cutting edge of strategic and logistical change. Here is a glimpse of his very personal vision…

  • Micro nuclear generators will power the energy needs of 5,000 troops.
  • Vertical Farms – less than half the size of football pitches – will reduce essential fresh food movements by 70%.
  • 3D printable capability will be designed into all kit – cutting inventories by almost 40%.
  • New Directed Energy Weapon Systems (DEWS) – including lasers, microwaves, particle and sound beams – will be decisive. DEWS will eliminate storage, supply and logistics headaches. DEWS will enable frontline forces to produce their own ammunition. 

During the next decade, many realms of sci-fi will become science reality. Driven by sustainable imperatives, many of these game-changes will be delivered by SMEs. As Wardlaw explains: “I can see the need for a small army of innovative, niche-tech teams – experts in everything from AI and ML to data digitisation and green technologies.”

Your company could be one of those ‘special forces’. Be sure to join us on July 27th.

Niche tech firms – the new ‘special forces’ 

Date: Wednesday 27th July

Time 9am to 10am GMT

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