Scanning the horizon for threats and opportunities

A unique insight into Haleon’s world of healthcare…

This famous bronze sculpture of a female deity scanning the horizon stands at the entrance to Cadiz harbour. It is the perfect metaphor for Haleon. A company created to scan and explore the future challenges of everyday health and wellbeing.

In July 2022, GlaxoSmithKline completed the demerger of its consumer healthcare business to form the independent Haleon Group. It was a visionary and very necessary move. It focuses the new company’s innovation efforts on becoming a key player in the world of FMCG. And to explain this change, we have invited two of its innovation leaders to be the guest speakers at our November ‘Innovation Talk’.

Shafik Saba is the global lead for ‘Front End Innovation’. Nick Tate runs NEXT – the division focused on developing disruptive growth platforms. Together, they will take us on a fascinating innovation journey…

Innovation is part of everyone’s job

It all started two years ago when they set out to understand where their business is strong, where it’s weak and how to fill the gaps. They soon discovered some serious roadblocks. People were struggling to turn information into deep penetrating insights. Scientific communities often found it difficult to develop an entrepreneurial mindset – and vice versa.

Shafik will explain how these challenges have been addressed. How feedback loops and a willingness to listen and adopt best practice through a design thinking lens is transforming the culture & innovation capability. Today, innovation is seen as part of everyone’s job – not just a few lucky visionaries in ivory towers – and this has bred a new, healthy diversity of thinking.

Where and what is the next big disruptor?

For every industry – from pharma to financial services – unseen disruption is the dilemma haunting all CEOs. Will today’s success be enough to sustain us tomorrow… how is our business going to be disrupted… what can we do about it… what new capabilities will we need to develop… what is our role and relevance to future consumers and partners?

Nick’s team seeks to discover, incubate and scale new ideas of strategic value to the business. Will these come from technology, new services, or a totally unseen, left-field threat? For example, might Amazon become a major healthcare provider? How will Haleon reinvent its business and brands to achieve its mission of ‘Delivering Better Everyday Health with Humanity’?

Healthcare systems are changing. Radically. Haleon is shifting from treating sickness to promoting wellness. This may well trigger a need to build defensible moats around the business. But even more importantly, it forces the NEXT team to understand the products, propositions, services, platforms, data imperatives, asset classes, acquisitions and new businesses that will make Haleon tomorrow’s partner of choice. Only then can it reach beyond strategic assessment to build and launch new ventures with the certainty of success.

Join us for a unique insight from two leading innovators…

Innovation Talk

Date: Wednesday 9th November

Time 9am to 10am GMT

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