A problem crowd-shared is a problem solved

Simon Hill – CEO, Wazoku

If you have a hundred rocket scientists working on a stubborn problem, adding one more scientist probably won’t make any difference. But looking elsewhere – to, say, the lingerie industry and to Hollywood – can deliver truly inspired solutions. It did for NASA.

Even the most resource-rich institutions are now accepting that they are no longer self-sufficient. And – as Simon demonstrates in the first of our double-header ‘Innovation Talks’ – this truth applies right across the spectrum of industry and commerce…

“Learn how one of the most successful pharmaceutical firms in the world, discovered the power of crowdsourcing. After years of struggling to find a solution to a particular drug formulation issue, they were finally persuaded to seek the support of the global scientific community. A complex problem that had already cost them over $100 million in fruitless research was solved – within 6 months – for a fee of just $100,000.”

Simon’s obvious passion for innovation is rooted in hard-earned experience. In this talk he shares that knowledge. He explains why some management teams are too myopic or too proud to seize the wider initiative. Most importantly of all, he reveals how the best exemplars now use crowdsourced innovation to deliver faster, better, far more cost-effective solutions.

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