How can AI repair the business cracks exposed by Covid?

This pandemic has brutally exposed the cracks in our business infrastructures…

Customers seeking simple human interaction have been routinely left to ‘queue and stew’ by over-stressed, under-staffed call centres. Lockdown employees have been left to work in lonely isolation – far from the shared resources and supportive team chemistry that are so essential to success.

These are real world problems. And with hybrid working becoming the new reality, these issues are certain to grow, not diminish. So, to answer them, we invited a former IBM Master Innovator to be the guest speaker at our April Innovation Talk. Andy Feltham – Innovation Lead in Conversational AI at Filament – is uniquely qualified to speak on our hot topic: ‘How to empower employee and customer self-service’.

The truth about Digital Assistants…

Digital Assistants are the new AI-enabled generation of customer interfaces. They have totally eclipsed ‘primitive’ chatbots. They are cheap to run. They are unfailingly responsive and always connected. They offer endless capacity. And they never need isolating or furloughing. But – flying in the face of all logic – Digital Assistants have been largely ignored in this crisis.

Andy will not only explain this strange oversight but also reveal why Digital Assistants…

  • Excel at resolving ‘short tail’, high-volume customer questions.
  • Always provide consistent advice and can be trained to get smarter over time.
  • Can generate business intelligence and analytics – forensically identifying the root causes of customer queries.
  • Can be programmed to ‘read’ and react to the moods of customers.
  • Can refine each employee’s search for information… intelligently sifting and pinpointing specific answers to individual questions.
  • Can refocus priorities for subject matter experts – freeing your key people to work on complex, higher-value problems and opportunities.

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