Discover how AI is unlocking a golden age of super-accurate sales forecasting

On Wednesday March 9th, our ‘Innovation Talk’ guest speakers were Andy McDonald and Simon Wheeldon (CEO and co-Founder, respectively) of Cloudapps – the company we regard as both the pioneer and master of AI-empowered, predictive science. In as little as 20 minutes, they will explained how to:

• Target your star prospects with confident accuracy. Learn how Deep Learning can extract real value from ‘dirty’ data. Don’t look for clean data… AI delivers incisive, deal-winning insights from the data that some companies discard.

• Expose the ‘supernovas’ that burn brightly before burning out. With the majority of predicted sales proving utterly inaccurate, the cost of failure is crippling. Learn how business leaders can now exploit pre-built, no-code platforms to expose the black holes in their prospect list and so deliver rapid ROI.

• Scan the universe for upselling and cross-selling prospects. Old customers are the richest source of new business. This adage proves powerfully accurate when Deep Learning reveals the often-hidden prospects for upselling and cross-selling.

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