Britain has probably the best armed forces in the world, but can it win the digital skills war?

A briefing from the MoD’s Digital Academy Lead that has profound impact for all businesses on the global frontline

Jules Pearson is the Digital Academy Lead at the MoD. She is also the guest speaker at our breakfast seminar on June 22nd. She has agreed to share a transformation journey that is critical to the defence of our nation. When every major company is struggling with skill shortages, retention issues and churn problems, she has to find the digital smarts to safeguard the UK.

Jules is disarmingly honest: the MoD wasn’t in a strong position. It didn’t have the skills management software and sophisticated HR systems to track and train its own talent base. Just one small part of the organisation spent well over £1 million a year on external courses that were often unfit for purpose! People needed to develop specific, relevant skills they could actually use – and they wanted to be taught in a very personal, engaging way.

Something needed to change. And fast. As Jules will explain, the breakthrough came with benchmarking. Where are you now… what do you need… which nuggets of knowledge are you missing? These questions gave everyone the chance to define and pursue individual development goals. When matched to a new, infinitely flexible, digital learning platform – personal needs could be swiftly converted into professional solutions. “We move people on an agile benchmark from novice to confident proficiency in 30, 60 or 90 days – everything is geared to a person’s time availability and preferred pace of learning.”

With an unheard of 99% approval rating, the MoD’s ‘Digital Academy’ is an impressive and unanimous success. It has changed internal cultures, transformed individual prospects and, most importantly, it has recognised and rewarded key talents. And that is crucial to our nation.

If you are wrestling with the same issues, join us for a fascinating Breakfast Briefing. Jules will share a journey that could have a profound impact on your battle to secure key digital talents. But please book early. There are only ten – free – places at our private breakfast table. This event is certain to be over-subscribed.

‘Winning the digital talent war’

The date: Wednesday 22nd June

The Time: 8.00 am GMT prompt start. 10.00 am hard finish

The Venue: The Delaunay Private Dining Room, 55 Aldwych, London WC2

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