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We are trusted by global businesses and organisations including – HSBC, MoD, Bloomberg, LV and many others to help them solve some of their most challenging problems quickly and effectively.

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<strong>Innovation on Demand</strong>

We enable you to access proven sources of innovation that deliver demonstrable value for your business and customers, fast. We can do this because we’ve made it our business to identify the top innovators in 7 capability areas that are certain to transform global business.

To help your business:
  • Cut costs
  • Increase revenues
  • Prevent fraud
  • Ensure compliance & reduce risk
  • Improve customer experience
  • Enhance employee experience

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<strong>Innovation Consulting</strong>

In addition to our free, Innovation on Demand service we also provide highly tailored innovation consulting services to assist our clients in getting rapid value from their innovation initiatives. 

Successful Innovation is a four-stage process which we have captured in our ICED innovation methodology. 

We provide innovation consulting and coaching in each of these four stages and, in particular, in the Conceive stage we facilitate solutioning workshops, bringing to bear the experience of our member firms, to assist in conceiving solutions to your specific problems and opportunities. 

Our ICED Methodology  

Identify: The crucial starting point is to make sure the process of innovation is being brought to bear on the highest value problems and opportunities; those with the greatest potential to improve customer or employee experience, improve business performance or address competitive threats. 

Conceive: The creative heart of the innovation process is the synthesis of innovative ideas and design-thinking, from the widest possible range of experience, to conceive possible solutions to the highest value potential problems and opportunities. 

Experiment: Having selected the most promising solutions, the secret to rapid innovation is to test them as quickly and effectively as possible, by designing experiments that test the feasibility and impact of ideas, with minimum resources and time.  

Decide: The purpose of experimentation is to provide the information needed to make the decision, either to go ahead and build out the solution, or to drop the idea and move on to the next one.  

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<strong>Innovation Diagnostic</strong>
What is it?

The Clustre Innovation Diagnostic (CID) is a short, sharp review of your innovation capability. It is highly tailored to your specific challenges and is designed to:

  • Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your current approach to innovation;
  • Provide specific, actionable recommendations for improvement.
  • It can also be tailored to address challenges related to a specific innovation programme.
Who is it for?

Senior executives frustrated by the challenges of delivering successful innovation and wanting to deliver innovative solutions, faster and more effectively.

Companies who have yet to start in earnest on their innovation journey and are seeking advice on how best to move forward.

What are the benefits?

A deeper understanding of what it takes to be truly innovative and the barriers to successful innovation in your organisation.

A pragmatic and actionable plan for immediate improvement in your ability to deliver innovation quickly and effectively.

How does it work?

The CID is a collaborative process involving a series of one-on-one conversations and small-group workshops focused on your specific innovation challenges and priorities.

The process is heavily tailored to your requirements and your unique situation (it is not one-size-fits-all). Typically, it comprises:

  • An initial set of meetings with key innovation stakeholders to identify your specific issues and challenges, and to determine the organisational scope of the diagnostic;
  • A series of working sessions focused on your issues and challenges, and identifying your particular innovation strengths and weaknesses;
  • A review of a selection of your previous and current innovation projects;
  • A series of working sessions focused on developing your action plan for improvement;
  • A final meeting to discuss and agree the diagnostic results and plan of action.
What does it cost?

We do not charge for the initial set of meetings.

After these first meetings, we will agree a fixed fee for the CID based on the organisational scope and complexity of your specific issues and challenges.

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<strong>Solutioning Workshops</strong>

These are just some of the many business-critical questions we have helped clients address through our solutioning workshops. These intensive, full-day sessions sit at the creative heart of the innovation process, as part of the Conceive stage of the ICED methodology.

Each workshop is individually designed around a specific problem or opportunity and provides an opportunity to bring together the widest possible range of experience, both from within the organisation and from outside. We work with you to identify a diverse group of people, drawn from all parts of your organisation, from your customers, partners and suppliers, and from our community of member firms, who are proven sources of relevant innovation and experience. 

Typically, each workshop comprises three sessions: 

  • understanding the problem or opportunity to be addressed
  • conceiving and ranking possible solutions to aspects of the problem or opportunity
  • determining how these solutions might be tested (as input to the Experiment stage)

Our focus in running these workshops is on finding innovative solutions that will have the greatest potential impact, as quickly as possible, and on making sure these ideas can be rapidly tested and, if successful, put into practice. 

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