‘New Normal’ – An Executive Insight

On Wednesday September 8th, we invited two leading experts to describe the ‘New Normal’. They explained how Covid has totally changed the business landscape and why we can never, ever return to ‘Business-as-Usual’.

Peter Cheese is the CEO of CIPD, the professional body of HR professionals. Drawing on his acclaimed new book – ‘The New World of Work’ – he will explore why:

• Innovation can no longer be an office-centric, ‘water cooler’ moment.
• Workplace technology will replace many routine tasks, but it will also create many more rewarding roles within the workspace. Savvy companies are now looking creatively at how technology can enrich lives by enhancing skills and capabilities.
• The biggest barrier to hybrid working is often management itself. New, fluid work practices call for managers who think beyond the rule book to lead with empathy and emotional intelligence.
• Work From Home (WFH) has forced companies to trust and judge people on what they produce – not on how many unproductive hours they sit in front of a PC screen!

Kristin Shackleford is a Solution Principal for Skillsoft – the undisputed world leader in eLearning solutions. Skillsoft have produced a comprehensive report on how Covid (in 2020) has changed the face of learning. She will draw upon these lessons and other recent reports to explain why:

• Learning will continue to play a pivotal role in building a future-fit workforce ready to respond to what’s next — whatever ‘next’ looks like.
• New power skills – such as agility, communication, resiliency, and adaptability – are now essential. Everyone needs to adjust to a ‘new normal’ that’s anything but ‘normal’.
• Reskilling and upskilling have become paramount to fill skills gaps and energise remote teams. The demand for personal flexibility and autonomy simply won’t go away

Two subject experts… one hour of deep insights and fascinating Q&A exchanges.

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