Droughts, Floods. Wildfires. Hosepipe bans…

A senior executive breakfast briefing on how to salvage customer satisfaction from climate change misery

For senior executives in customer-facing service industries, climate change is a massive challenge. The last few months and years have posed huge reputational threats for every major sector – from energy and civil engineering to public transport and utilities. And no-one knows this better than Nigel Watson – Group IS Director of Northumbrian Water Group (NWG).

Nigel is our guest speaker at a senior executive breakfast briefing on Monday 7th November. He will talk openly and honestly about an industry frequently accused of inadequate investment, leaking infrastructures and costly inefficiencies. He will also, however, talk passionately about the power of innovation. And he will walk that talk with examples of an ambitious, home-grown, ideation programme that has been sponsored at NWG. Ideas that are driving some remarkable results:

For example, he will spotlight one initiative that has delivered:

  • 32% reduction in site inspection visits
  • 62% customer positivity for a handy, video-reporting tool
  • 100% cut in call centre triage queues.

The overall result: Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Greater sustainability. Faster, more efficient problem resolution. Far fewer leaks. Significant cost-savings.

But Nigel doesn’t minimise the problems.  Although senior executive teams are often quick to welcome innovation, field forces and customers are frequently hesitant and suspicious. Habit is the enemy of change and Nigel will explain the steps he and his team take to prove the ‘what’s-in-it-for-me’ value. Because only when people see the personal benefit will they truly embrace change.

If necessity is the mother of invention, climate change is the big daddy of innovation. And one of the biggest champions and most passionate advocates is our guest speaker. Only ten senior executives from a broad span of industry sectors can join us at this free, private breakfast table. We would like you to be one of them.

‘Turning climate change adversity to customer advantage’

Date: Monday 7th November 2022

The Time: 8.00 am GMT prompt start. 10.00 am hard finish

The Venue: The Wolseley Private Dining Room, Piccadilly, London

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