Planet Innovation

Planet Innovation…

How NASA and others tap into a universe of inspired ideas

90% of all scientists that have ever lived on this planet are alive today. Discover how you and your company can harness this intellectual powerhouse.

On March 10th we explore our world of innovation. In a unique double-header event, we reveal how NASA and other leading global companies are now tapping into the richest, most inspiring talents on planet Earth…

Part One: Wednesday 10th March. 9.00am


Simon Hill – CEO of Wazoku

If you have a hundred rocket scientists working on a stubborn problem, adding one more scientist probably won’t make any difference. But looking elsewhere – to, say, the lingerie industry and to Hollywood – can deliver truly inspired solutions. It did for NASA.

Even the most resource-rich institutions are now accepting that they are no longer self-sufficient. And – as Simon will demonstrate in the first of our double-header ‘Innovation Talks’ – this truth applies right across the spectrum of industry and commerce…

“I will reveal how one of the most successful pharmaceutical firms in the world, discovered the power of crowdsourcing. After years of struggling to find a solution to a particular drug formulation issue, they were finally persuaded to seek the support of the global scientific community. A complex problem that had already cost them over $100 million in fruitless research was solved – within 6 months – for a fee of just $100,000.”

Simon’s obvious passion for innovation is rooted in hard-earned experience. He will openly share that knowledge. He will explain why some management teams are too myopic or too proud to seize the wider initiative. Most importantly of all, he will reveal how the best exemplars now use crowdsourced innovation to deliver faster, better, far more cost-effective solutions.


Part Two: Wednesday 10th March. 3.00pm


Steve Rader – CEO of Crowd Resourcing Consulting

Steve has worked at NASA for 30 years and, among his many projects, was heavily involved in developing software for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. He still serves as the Deputy Manager of NASA’s ‘Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation’.

In 2019, though, Steve launched his own initiative. He created Crowd Resourcing Consulting to help non-NASA organisations leverage crowd-based expertise and solutions. In this trans-Atlantic masterclass, he will explain why…

“The technology revolution is not new – but it’s having a more profound and faster impact than ever before. Additive manufacturing… nanotechnology…genomic editing… emotional AI – the sheer concentration of new science and technology is compressing the critical timeline for change. If you are not innovating, you’re pretty much admitting that you won’t to be around in 5 or 10 years.”

That explains why companies can longer rely on their own internal resources for survival. Even NASA, an epicentre of inspired thinking, has accepted this reality…

“I ran a series of challenges with George Washington University to develop a robotic arm for the Space Station’s ‘Astrobee’ system. There were 32 different contests and no less than 9 outstanding winners. Eight of these winning designs outperformed the parts that NASA had put on the actual space station! That is the power and value of crowdsourced innovation”.

Wednesday March 10th – Our ‘Planet Innovation’ double-header

9.00 am to 10.00 am: ‘A problem crowd-shared is a problem solved’

3.00 pm to 4.00 pm: ‘How NASA explores the universe of innovation’

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