Project ‘Oasis’

In just 6 weeks, 8 specialist AI experts created an AI platform to capture and analyse crowdsourced data for the Cabinet.

This achievement is now a masterclass for all business leaders

It started with a simple, inspired Cabinet brief: Build a platform that could combine crowd-sourced symptom data and distil it to support the delivery of Covid-beating strategies.

But then reality kicked in… this was ‘Project Oasis’.
The deadlines looked impossible. Delivering a project like this would normally take 6 months to deliver – Cabinet needed a secure, working platform inside 6 weeks.

There were no precedents. There were no prescribed protocols to follow. No proven paradigms to adopt. Everything would have to be created from first principles.

Support was in short supply. There was no spare capacity in the NHS system. Hospitals were at risk of being overwhelmed. Resources and skills were stretched to the limit.

Patient privacy was a massive issue. 50% of patients are very reluctant to share personal data. How do you win vital hearts and minds?

Security was an absolute priority. With hostile state and non-state actors looking for a chink in the governmental armour, how do you lock such a system down whilst maintaining agility?

There were too many stakeholders. Cabinet, NHS, DHSC, JBC, Crown Commercial Services and National Cyber Security Centre were all involved. Each had a vested interest and agenda. How can you be nimble and agile under such stakeholder complexity?

…and too few champions. After the delays and disappointments of ‘Test & Trace’, departments were wary of becoming sponsors of novel digital initiatives. Reputations were at risk. But how can you deliver without a powerful champion?

Against all odds, the project team delivered. In just 6 weeks, a specialist team of eight external AI experts created a tested, crowdsourced, data analytics service delivered on a robust Intelligent Automation platform. It met all security and privacy protocols, and it cost a fraction of normal commercial budgets.

To celebrate and to learn from this remarkable achievement, we have invited the two project leaders to be the guest speakers at our October Breakfast Briefing. Under Chatham House rules, they have promised to share every experience and aspect of the project. It will be a unique masterclass for all business leaders.

Wednesday, October 7th
The Time: 8.00am until 10.00am (hard finish)

Registration is free. Please book your place now even if you can’t make the event and we will make sure you receive an executive summary and video of the event.

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