A private briefing from Ramani Hariharan – Engie

How do you capture critical front-line data faster and more efficiently? How do you share this intelligence instantly with technical teams, service centres and business developers? How do you deliver seamless customer satisfaction within a hugely complex, cost-competitive industry?

We invited Ramani Hariharan – head of Engie’s New Business Factory – to answer these key questions. Ramani was the guest speaker at our December breakfast briefing. And what he has to say is both revealing and inspiring…

Ramani’s primary role is to build new businesses for ENGIE.  His goal is to co develop innovative products and services that drive Engie – and its customers – towards a net zero economy.

That is how he discovered a small creative team developing a remarkable smart video platform for capturing and sharing critical data. This tool allows customers and field service personnel to create smart video and voice reports directly on site. AI-enabled technology then helps to interpret, analyse and act on these high-quality data insights.

It is an invaluable asset for all customer-facing sales and service companies. And, as Ramani explains, it has transformed the customer experience at Engie…

“Imagine this scenario. In a remote desert power plant, an engineer is coming off shift when he notices a potential safety hazard. Realising that standard forms or phone-based systems might be too late to avert an accident, he shoots and uploads a short video to alert everyone on site. And this video is much more than a real-time warning – it can be used to prevent future hazards and to set a best-in-class health and safety precedent for all such plants globally”.

Ramani shared the highs and lows of his journey.

  • The human challenges of persuading people to buy into change
  • The demands of rolling out new ideas across a multi-cultural, global company
  • The unexpected, lateral-thinking benefits. This smart app was actually conceived for field service technicians calling on home repairs and is now used to capture and share potential safety issues on remote power plants.

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