Solving the key problems of 2019 – fast

On January 16th we brainstorm your next perfect storm

Brexit… digital disruption… compliance, regulation and legislation… online optimism… high street pessimism… the promise of AI … the price of cyber-crime… brave, new start-ups… Goliath-killing threats… brand-building social media… reputation trashing dis-information…

As a senior executive, you face some of the most complex and conflicting business challenges since the second world war. But fortunately, for one night only, you no longer have to face them alone.

A masterclass in problem-solving for senior executives

On the evening of January 16th, we are holding a masterclass in business problem-solving. One of the UK’s leading innovation consulting firms will share their advanced techniques for rapid problem-resolution. And, to make this event even more valuable, this firm will address three real-life challenges in a highly interactive way – combining their skills with the deep experience of our senior executive guests. How often can you call upon the UK’s smartest innovators and forty of the most experienced leaders to help solve your problems?

An open invitation to C-level executives to participate

Any C-level executive or senior director of a large corporate is invited to participate in this unique event. Indeed, we are also inviting you to share your most pressing problem – or opportunity – of 2019. This invitation contains a link to a form that allows you to submit a topic that is of particular concern to you. The three most pressing problems (or opportunities) will then become the key challenges to be addressed on the night.

During the evening, guests are free to join the breakout group focusing on their topic of greatest interest. After an hour of rapid problem-solving, the three teams will report back to share their solutions and resolutions in open forum. To lubricate discussion, drinks and nibbles will be served throughout the evening.

This event is fully sponsored by Clustre and is free to all participants. Since it will certainly be over-subscribed, we do ask you to register as swiftly as possible… and please do remember to share the problem or opportunity that most concerns you. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Thank you and welcome to a unique evening of problem-solving.

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