Can multinational banks innovate on a global scale?

Can global companies ever be innovative? Dare they risk disrupting their precise, often complex, profit-generating processes? We put these questions to Steve Suarez – the Global Head of Innovation for Compliance, Finance & Risk at HSBC. In a fascinating and profoundly honest exchange of ideas, he will share his approach to creating a better business through innovation. If you are responsible for innovation or just keenly interested in the subject, this is an unmissable executive briefing.

On Wednesday 13th October, Steve Suarez will share insights and answer questions on his specialist subject: Innovation. Here are some ‘taster’ questions we fired at him during discussions about this upcoming event:

What’s your formula for success?

“I have a formula – a very simple formula – of three key things that make innovation happen: First: it has to be new or very novel. Second: it has to add real, tangible value. Third: it has to be executed. A lot of people think of an idea that could add value, but they never implement it – that’s not innovation, it’s an idea wasted!

How do you measure success?

“People often focus on KPIs that really don’t deliver value. If I can make lives better and make people happier – that is my KPI.”
Where do most companies go wrong?

“A lot of organisations make the mistake of focusing 90% of their effort on game changing innovation. Effectively, this means you’re not going to deliver any value for 5 – 10 years.

No organisation has the patience to fund such a marathon. You need a balanced mix of continuous improvement… new products and services… and, occasionally, big disruptive innovation.”

What’s been your biggest challenge?

“Finding the right sponsors. If you don’t have the right support, forget it. Spend your time with senior people who accept risk, live with ambiguity and can see the bigger picture. People who believe in the power and value of innovative change. Don’t waste your time trying to convert the uncommitted.”

How do you succeed?

“I hit people with success. You cannot fight success. Show how small successes compound to make much larger successes. Once people believe in you and what you can deliver, they’ll give you far more latitude to do bigger and better things. Small victories win innovation wars.”

Wednesday, 13th October, 9.00 – 10.00am

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