Fighting the perfect storm

Can any of us be in any doubt that we are facing the perfect storm in the UK?

  • An impending recession
  • Inflation at 10% and predicted to rise
  • An increase in the cost of living forcing more and more people (from across the social divide) to strike for inflation busting pay increases (which will drive up inflation)
  • The ongoing consequences of the Ukrainian conflict and covid
  • The ongoing consequences of Brexit
  • The digital skills gap
  • The great resignation
  • Climate change
  • The challenges of being a good employer despite all of the above.

Starting on November 1st Clustre will be running weekly, one-hour virtual briefings, commencing at 9am, describing what can be done to prevent your company from being damaged by any one of these brewing storms.

Register here for the entire series of talks, decide which you will then attend so you can learn how you can brave the issue in question! Episode One will be on ‘Bridging The Digital Skills Gap.

The Time: 9.00 am GMT prompt start. 10.00 am hard finish

Series Starts: Tuesday 1st November

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