Take a Virtual Coffee Break

Enjoy a short, caffeine-shot of inspiration

With months of isolation in prospect, many home worker newbies are already feeling ‘stir crazy’. So, let us prescribe an instant and inspiring antidote…

Take a ‘Virtual Coffee Break’. Snatch a few minutes of ‘me-time’ for a stimulating, caffeine-enriched, buzz-session with your peers. We have lined up a panel of industry experts to share insights into some critical and very contemporary challenges. We will focus on everything from: how to manage and motivate remote workers and sales forces to how to maintain the closest client relationships from home, harvest ideation from a distance and also unleash the power of AI and IA.

  • Each ‘Virtual Coffee Break’ will start with a 10-minute briefing from an invited expert. And do please check out the list of guest speakers below. It’s impressive. 
  • The rest of the session will then be thrown open to a free-wheeling exchange of ideas and experiences – a valuable forum for sharing and debating best practice. 
  • And the beauty is, these ‘Virtual Coffee Breaks’ are exactly that: brief coffee breaks. They last as long as it takes to drink a large and leisurely Latte, Cappuccino, Long Black or Macchiato… so, whatever your taste in coffee, these executive breaks will never bite into your working day.   

Our line-up of expert speakers for Week One

– Monday March 30th to Friday April 3rd :

Monday March 30th at 10.30 am

‘How to use AI, behavioural science and gamification to manage and motivate remote sales forces’

Simon Wheeldon – the Chief Customer Officer at Cloud Apps – will be answering these critical questions: How do you assess the real KPIs of ‘self-isolating’ sales forces? How can technology – especially gamification – help to communicate with and motivate distant sales teams? How do you monitor and measure the success of new sales initiatives? And, with much-reduced resources, how do you define and focus sales efforts on the highest revenue deals – and why is AI so important? 

Wednesday April 1st at 10.30 am

‘The Art of Distance Management – how to lead, motivate, create cohesion and compensate for lack of interaction’ 

April 1stmay not be the most auspicious day, but Andrew Simmonds is no fool. As a former Accenture partner and now consulting lead at Clustre, he can draw on a real depth of experience. Andrew will focus on the key issues of maintaining high performance in remote teams: how to lead from a distance… create team cohesion… remove distractions… prevent disengagement… maintain morale… and, vitally, how to create social interaction. Seldom have these management skills been in greater demand.

Friday April 3rd at 10.30 am

‘How to be ‘Agile’ and to keep in touch when your team is fully distributed’ 

Neil Moorcroft – Digital Solutions Director at Zuhlke – will be sharing thoughts and pragmatic lessons drawn from years of experience in distributed agile development. With the new reality of enforced isolation, how do you stay connected throughout the day? In answering this question, Neil will focus on the importance of powerful tooling for pair programming and design sessions. Post Covid-19, this may well become the new norm – so let’s get used to it!

Register now and start brewing the coffee:

These ‘Virtual Coffee Breaks’ are the perfect antidote to solitary confinement. They are your chance to share best practice and exchange valuable thinking with your executive peers. And they are totally free.

And stay posted. We will be announcing a fresh set of Virtual Coffee Breaks each week!

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