The 7 Technologies that will Empower your Business

A Private Expo at 6.30pm on Wednesday June 27th

I want you to be my guest at this special forum which Clustre is hosting. This informal gathering of senior executives focuses on today’s hottest topics:

  1. Innovation
  2. IoT
  3. Cyber Security
  4. Digital
  5. Data
  6. AI/RPA
  7. Blockchain

We have invited fourteen outstanding companies to share their deep knowledge and experience. These practitioners are genuine leaders in their areas of specialism. This is your opportunity to spend dedicated time with these experts and also to network with industry peers.

Under Chatham House rules of strict confidentiality, you can freely discuss issues and seek insights from the most experienced, articulate professionals at the leading edge of these game-changing technologies.

Please join me for a truly revealing evening. Because the venue can only accommodate around 30 invited guests, we are certain to be oversubscribed. Please confirm your acceptance by registering ASAP, thank you.


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