Clustre launches ‘The Innovator’s Edge

Executive ‘radar’ that scans, tracks and connects
you  to the world’s top tech innovators


Much of today’s really clever thinking now comes from small, niche tech companies. But there’s a problem. How do you scan the global innovation market for insights… how do you track the truly inspired companies… and how do you connect with the genuine game-changers?

Unique innovation intelligence

To cut through the frustration, confusion and unjustified cost of conventional research services, Clustre has launched a radical solution. It’s called The Innovator’s Edge – TIE for short.

TIE is a scanning and tracking tool that offers unrivalled innovation intelligence. Developed in partnership with a team of Insure-tech thought-leaders in the US, this platform already features over 1,300 innovation firms. It is fast becoming the destination of choice for senior executives seeking to connect with super-clever, game-changing firms. Visionary CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs now use it for instant review, 24/7.

For companies seeking innovation…

TIE uses unique algorithms to deliver in-depth, cross-industry data on today’s leading innovators. TIE will pinpoint the suppliers of specific relevance to you and provide forensic profiles on all tracked companies. Scan. Track. Connect.

For suppliers looking for customers or partners…

TIE is a brilliant showcase to major corporations and senior executives. It’s also a platform to build your brand and directly – but confidentially – connect to organisations that are seriously seeking your innovation skills. Showcase. Brand-build. Connect.

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