Why are people the least digitised part of your supply chain?

In this digital age, many frontline workers across the supply chain – especially in manufacturing – are still locked in the clipboard era. With £multiple billions being ploughed into automation, why are so many companies singularly failing to address their greatest upgrade priority? To find the answer, we have asked connected worker experts – Sandy Reid and Mike Miller of Zaptic – to speak at our February ‘Innovation Talk’.

Sandy is the co-founder of Zaptic – industry pioneers in empowering workforces. Mike formerly ran supply chains and supply chain innovation for companies such as P&G. 

They will reveal how some savvy companies are leading the way in accelerating, scaling and sustaining operational excellence by connecting workers. Using mould-breaking exemplars – such as Carlsberg – they will show how they are improving the lives of frontline workers by supporting safety, autonomy, productivity and continuous learning.

Sandy will take us on a journey inside the food, beverage, plastics and pharma industries. He will explain how a clever, connected worker platform – using no code, smart workflows – can transform business operations. How the right information, at the right time, in the right place can be created and validated by the people who actually work on the frontline.

Even more impressively, Sandy will back his case studies with compelling statistics. For example, you will learn how one massive, global brand has delivered:

  • 300% faster hazard closure rate
  • 50% reduction in time spent training workers
  • 30% faster onboarding of new staff
  • 25% cut in product quality defects and customer returns
  • 20% less breakdowns and process stoppages
  • 1.5 hours freed up for every supervisor on every shift

Discover how to turn your frontline workers into your strongest connected asset. Book your free place at our February ‘Innovation Talk’. 

‘Creating a Connected Workforce’

Date: Wednesday 8th February

Time: 9am to 10am GMT

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